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Once a student completes registration and classes have begun, schedule changes are processed during the official Drop and Add period.  A student who has completed registration, who wishes to drop/withdraw from a course or courses, must do so by completing that request at the Office of the Registrar.  A student may withdraw from a course at any time prior to the Last Day of Withdrawal indicated on the official College calendar. This published date for last date of withdrawal with grade of “W” will be the last day of the twelfth week of class.

Extenuating circumstances concerning these matters are reviewed by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


If, for good and sufficient reasons, it becomes necessary for students to substitute courses in their prescribed program, they should secure the appropriate form and signature from their advisor, the respective Division Chair, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Only when the form has been processed and filed with the Registrar are the substitutions official.


Students may repeat those courses taken for which grades of “D” or “F” were received. Repetition of a passed course, in an attempt to improve a grade, is permitted.  The last grade will stand as the official grade, and only the last grade earned will be calculated in the cumulative grade point average.

Repeated courses, however, adversely affect the student’s ability to meet the required progression standards by increasing total hours attempted. An “R” is indicated on transcripts for repeated coursework. An asterisk appears by the initial grade, which remains on the transcript.


Transfer credits are only accepted from regionally accredited institutions. Transfer students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the end of the last semester-quarter from the last college they attended.  To meet graduation requirements, a transfer student must have an overall “C” (2.00) average and only grades of “C” or above will be accepted for transfer credit.

Jarvis Christian College will provide each approved transfer applicant with an evaluation of previously earned credits.  Faculty advisors, with the signature of the Division Chair, will determine the previously earned credits that will apply in the major.

Students must complete the last 30 semester hours of course work in residence. Hours earned that are equivalent to courses offered at Jarvis Christian College are substituted when the degree plan is prepared with the major advisor. Courses that are not equivalent to courses required for the prescribed degree are indicated on the degree plan as electives. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs.

Transfer students intending to work toward a degree at Jarvis Christian College should carefully analyze all departmental information listed in this catalog as well as the General University Requirements for Graduation.


A student may audit a course by paying $10.00 per semester hour  and any special charges assessed. The student must indicate, at the time of registration, the intent to audit. A course that is audited does not yield credit.  It is merely indicated on the student’s transcript.


A student who wishes to withdraw from the College before the end of a semester must make an official request for withdrawal through the Office of Student Affairs and must complete the “Request for Withdrawal” form, which must be signed by appropriate administrative officials. Only after the forms have been processed and are on file in the Office of the Registrar will the
withdrawal be official.

The grade of “W” is given to a student who officially withdraws from the College.


An unofficial withdrawal occurs when a student has left the institution for whatever reason but failed to officially notify the institution of their intent to leave school. The College is required to make a determination as to when the student actually left the institution, even if the student did not officially notify the school.

In determining the last date of attendance for a student who fails to officially withdraw, the institution will consult with instructors as to the last date of attendance for a student. If a last date of attendance cannot be determined after consulting with instructors, the institution will use the midpoint (50%) of the semester in determining the last date of attendance. If an otherwise eligible student has reached the 60% point in attendance prior to leaving, that student has earned all Title IV federal aid for that semester.

A grade of “FN” will be assigned to students who unofficially withdraw from the College. The “FN” grade designation does not take the place of the “W” grade which is noted when students officially withdraw.