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Jarvis Christian College experiences significant increase in enrollment

Jarvis Christian College has experienced a significant increase in enrollment for the past three years, including a record 905 students for fall 2015. This represents an 18.6 percent increase over the fall 2014 enrollment of 763 students; a 43.2 percent increase over the fall 2013 enrollment of 632 students; and a 240 percent increase over the spring 2012 enrollment of 266 students.

 While the majority of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have been experiencing declines in enrollment for the past several years, Jarvis Christian College’s swing is indicative of a very different trend. Jarvis is particularly pleased to announce an outstanding first-time freshman class of 251 students.

 “We’ve had tremendous growth in enrollment of both traditional and nontraditional students from throughout the state of Texas, other regions of the country and internationally. The diversity on the campus is very evident as you see African-American students interacting with Hispanic and white students,” Jarvis Christian College President Dr. Lester C. Newman said. “We have invested considerable resources and promoted the need to truly diversify our campus and we are seeing the results of these efforts.”

 Jarvis offers creative, cutting-edge and advanced technology-based academic programs supported by a living-learning environment and student services programs that are student-centered and career-focused. Attracting and retaining students through graduation remains one of the college’s top priorities.  

 Jarvis Christian College’s Criminal Justice Department was ranked one of the Top 50 Correctional Officer Programs in the country and the top ranked Corrections/Criminal Justice program in the state of Texas by Plans are to expand to attract more students to the program.

 The College’s Renaissance Program, available to working adults wanting to complete their education, offers degrees in business, criminal justice and religion. Jarvis also saw an expansion of its Athletics Programs, which now includes intercollegiate programs in baseball, men and women’s basketball, volleyball, men and women’s cross-country, softball, men and women’s soccer, men’s golf, bowling and men and women’s track and field.

 And in its continuing efforts to offer a high quality education for a reasonable cost, Jarvis Christian College was recognized among the 100 Most Affordable Small Colleges in America by


Jarvis’ Criminal Justice Department Ranked #1 in Texas

Hawkins, TX - Jarvis Christian College is proud to announce that its Criminal Justice Program has been ranked one of the Top 50 Correctional Officer Programs in the country and the Top Ranked Corrections/Criminal Justice Program in the State of Texas (of 103 total programs analyzed), by website

The mission of the Jarvis Christian College Criminal Justice Department is to provide students with broad-based learning experiences in law enforcement and the American judicial system. By emphasizing the development of students’ analytical and critical thinking skills, the Criminal Justice Program prepares students for careers in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Jarvis provides real world, experiential activities for students majoring in criminal justice to include site visits to law enforcement agencies, courthouses, graduate schools and law schools, and opportunities to interact with and shadow local law enforcement officials, court officials, and attorneys.

“Our faculty has the experience and credentials in the law enforcement arena to ensure that our students are well prepared for mid-level careers in law enforcement and are capable of making an immediate impact when hired into a new law enforcement position. Our faculty and college have established relationships with law enforcement professionals and law enforcement organizations that create invaluable opportunities for our students and, in addition, we offer pre-professional chapters on our campus, as well,” stated Calvin B. Lester, Jr., Lead Professor of Criminal Justice at Jarvis Christian College.

Nine (9) criminal justice majors were awarded degrees during this small college’s May 2015 commencement ceremony, representing 14 percent of the overall graduating class. In the past three years at Jarvis, there have been 34 criminal justice graduates. The College plans to expand and enhance the award-winning program in order to attract an even larger number of outstanding students seeking knowledge and preparation for entry into the Criminal Justice profession.

Jarvis Christian College is ranked among the “100 Most Affordable Small Colleges in America 2015” by

Jarvis Christian College Ranked One of the 100 Most Affordable Small Colleges in America 2015

Hawkins, TX - Jarvis Christian College is proud to announce that the College has been ranked among the 100 Most Affordable Small Colleges in America 2015 by The College is ranked #33 on the list.

In creating the list, identified 2,700 institutions of higher education in the U.S., and eliminated community colleges, graduate schools and specialty schools such as seminaries and pre-professional schools; effectively reducing the list to 1,900 institutions. Additionally, the organization considered enrollment and chose to consider only those schools with 4,000 or fewer students. This narrowed list, comprised of about 700 “small” schools, became the foundation for the ranking. When determining affordability, chose to rank colleges based on their “net price,” as opposed to tuition rates alone. Net prices are determined by the College Navigator, a component of the National Center for Education Statistics.

Jarvis President, Dr. Lester C. Newman, stated: “The high ranking of Jarvis Christian College is a reflection of ongoing efforts that our board and administration have made to provide a high quality education at reasonable cost to our students and their parents. The academic programs, student support services, and other opportunities (offered to students by faculty and staff) are valuable attributes when compared to the rising costs of completing a college degree at many higher education institutions in the U.S. today.”

Best Value sorted the schools by their net price and listed the 100 most affordable. The 100 colleges cover an attractive range of academic majors, religious affiliations, locations, and extracurricular opportunities, practically guaranteeing that prospective students can find a school that fits their interests and budget. Iris Stone at wrote this on the organization’s website, “It can be easy to gravitate to the larger, more well-known schools, but small colleges offer some unique benefits. Classes tend to be much smaller, ensuring that you receive more individual attention from professors. You get to know more people by name, which can make it easier to participate in campus activities. Some people assume that small schools lack resources and academic variety, but think twice before you jump to conclusions!” Additionally, an excerpt from Best Values Schools’ website states the following about Jarvis Christian College: Are you inquisitive by nature? Do you enjoy learning for learning’s sake? Jarvis may be for you.

Jarvis Christian College’s operating philosophy reflects its diminutive size: “One learner at a time.” A historically black liberal arts college, today the school is becoming more diverse as over 20% of its students come from other ethnic backgrounds. JCC has been intentional about being one of the most affordable liberal arts colleges in the country, and it works hard to seek out gifted students who may otherwise be held back simply because of their financial situation. For more information about the ranking, or to see a complete listing of the 100 Most Affordable Small Colleges in America 2015, visit

Special Thanks To Our Gala Sponsors

We appreciate all the sponsors of the 2015 Pioneer Hall of Fame and Preeminence Award Gala.  Your support made the recognition event a special evening for all the College’s constituents.

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