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Meet Dr. Lester C. Newman, President | Executive Leadership Team

The Administration of Jarvis Christian College is committed to student success. Under the leadership of President Lester C. Newman, the College continues to advance its programs and support services to meet the expectations and needs of the students studying here. The administrative team is central to maintaining the processes that guide students toward graduation and keep the college thriving as a vibrant learning community. The educators that comprise the Jarvis Christian College administrative team are all qualified professionals making a difference in academic and student life. Working to implement the goals of the Strategic Plan 2012-2017, the administration monitors trends in higher education and best practices for each college function.

The Vice Presidents, who report to the College President, are responsible for the functioning of their respective areas of responsibility. Consistent with its mission and size, Jarvis Christian College encourages students to interact with administrative officers and faculty as members of a robust campus community.